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Our Food Programs

Be Concerned Food Pantry

Choice Pantry Program

Our primary food program is the monthly pantry visit leveraged by 1,500 families each month.

After a simple registration process is completed, our pantry customers have access to our food pantries on a monthly basis.

We offer a selection of canned goods, pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, milk, eggs, frozen meat and fresh vegetables in addition to seasonal items. Approximately 60-70 pounds of food is provided to each family.

The most important element of our service is the opportunity for our customers to choose their pantry items. Nothing is pre-packaged for them.

Before the impact of pandemic, the experience felt like a trip to the grocery store with a personal shopper at your side to assist with the process. Even with the pandemic safety protocols, we continue to preserve the element of choice for our customers.

Senior Food Delivery

Senior Food Delivery

We partner with several senior living complexes in Northern Kentucky to bring our monthly pantry program to them. Our seniors have access to the variety of foods that are on site at our pantries.

College Delivery/Pantry

College Student Food Delivery

Food insecurity impacts all demographics. With the significant increase in college expenses, we are finding more college students unable to afford food. We are partnering with Mount St. Joseph University to bring our food pantry to campus commuters.

Senior Food Delivery

Homebound Food Delivery

For our shoppers that are homebound, we leverage volunteers and are able to deliver our food pantry items directly to their door on a monthly basis.

Emergency Food Assistance

We will provide the equivalent of a small cart of food to anyone in an emergency situation, even if they are not registered with us.